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  • Amelia Parris
  • Jimmy Bourland
  • Rosie Zwaduk


Tasked with maintaining and updating the TEA website, Facebook pages, Remind, sorting the Help Desk requests, and helping members with various needs.

The purpose of this group is to ensure that members are receiving a steady and accurate information flow in a timely manner.

If you would like to send us communication to dissiminate, please fill out the Help Desk form :)

  • Tony Vacura
  • Amelia Parris
  • Hilary McLeod
  • Lysa Nabours
  • Rosie Zwaduk


Responsible for helping members with consensus issues as well as provide advice and advocacy as needed for members at sites without a site rep.

The purpose of this group is to ensure that all members of TEA are provided with representation.

The Advocacy Committee meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. If you're interested in joining, please email TEA.mainacct@gmail.com

  • Jason Freed
  • Sarah Smith
  • Elizabeth Houston-Judd
  • Jeremy Church

The 301 Committee


  • Susan Essington
  • Tim DeYoung
  • Sarah Niegocki
  • Dan Ireland
  • Berenedette Tanner
  • Connie Singleton

The EXED Committee

The purpose of the Exceptional Education Committee is to improve the educational experience for teachers, paraprofessionals, and students through advocacy and collaboration

  • Ana Kroh
  • & Many Others

The TDR-B Committee

  • Audrey Cunnelley
  • Jason Freed
  • Emily Freed
  • Jenny Miles
  • Marivel Yanez
  • Charlotte Castro

  • Christy Sainz
  • Dan Ireland
  • Mark Kutzmer


  • Tony Vacura


TEA Political Action Committee

  • Jim Byrne

Public Policy

Committee Members:

The Bargaining Committee

Committee Members:

Social Justice Committee

Committee Members:

The ESP Committee

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