From the Front Lines

Margaret Chaney


Margaret is entering her second year as T.E.A. President.

What does the TEA President do?

The TEA President is the leader of our district's local association. Margaret uses the power of the association's members to advocate for fair, safe, equitable, and appropriately compensated positions as well as representing members in grievances and discipline issues.

(Sept. 13, 2022)

Dear Members!

Please join us this Saturday and every Saturday until Election Day as we canvass neighborhoods to spread the word about Pro-Public Education Candidates for this election season! We will have snacks before and after and we can partner you up with more experienced canvassers to make your morning safe and enjoyable.


Early voting for the General Election begins in 34 days. We need your help to knock on doors to support AEA's recommended candidates. Sign up for AEA's Day of Action on September 17 in Tucson.

Come on out and meet the candidates as they are walking the neighborhoods too! This Saturday Sept 17th we will have Secretary of State candidate, Adrian Fontes and AEA President Marisol Garcia! We will also be joined by our TEA political action committee endorsed TUSD school board candidates Rebecca Zapien and Jennifer Eckstrom! Let's get our education champions elected in November. Join us for our neighborhood canvassing this Saturday, Sept. 17th at 8:30 AM - 12pm at the Tucson EA office (5447 E. 5th st. Suite 100). Coffee, donuts and childcare at a local park will be provided!

Please be sure to sign up before Friday, so that we know approximately how many people to expect.

We will have anti-voucher petitions too!

TUSD School Board Candidate Forums

Mark your calendars for two upcoming opportunities to learn more about the TUSD school board candidates. More details to follow in a later email.

League of Woman Voters TUSD Candidate Forum: September 22nd, 5pm (Location TBD)

Tucson EA TUSD Candidate Forum: October 3rd, 5pm via ZOOM (link and registration to follow)

Episode 2 Update:

  • Contract Amendment updates!

  • Lit Drops, Phone Banking, Sign Posting and more!

  • New words made up by Margaret!

  • Also, who is the actual host in these videos?

Find out in Episode 2!

September Update:

  • Will TUSD be going to a hybrid model?

  • Is TUSD endorsing any political candidates on the November ballot?

  • What's going on with#INVESTinED and Prop 208?

do you like the new format? let us know on the TEA Facebook page!

May 29, 2020

  • #INVESTinED petition surpasses the required signatures by nearl 200,000

  • COVID & School opening concerns

    • TEA is advocating for site-by-site decisions for beginning the 2020-2021 school year

    • legislation & implications for TUSD employees

June 30, 2020

TUSD's reopening dates

May 29, 2020

  • Bargaining process

  • Taskforce Committee

  • 301 Vote


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April 16, 2020

  • DITs (District Initiated Transfers)

Dear Members!

We have been a very active Union this month! Last week we held a town hall to discuss ESSER (COVID relief) funding and this week, we had a standout to welcome back School Board members to in-person meetings. We held an ESSER Funding Rally in the parking lot with great results! No doubt by now you have heard that everyone who has been working this past year will finally be given what they deserve in the form of a stipend – this INCLUDES Classified workers!

In total, all employees working over half time will receive at least $1,700, with individuals who had to work on campus prior to vaccines being widely available able to receive up to $2,700. TEA was able to increase stipend amounts as well as simplify the structure of the payouts to assure ESPs would not be shorted on their stipends. While we still believe TUSD staff deserve more for the extremely challenging year we’ve persevered through, these stipends are above average for stipends being paid by comparable districts, are much more equitable for support staff, and recognize the sacrifices of those required to work on campus during the height of the pandemic. It is also important to note, these stipends are separate from normal compensation. TEA is still in negotiations over regular raises and/or additional one-time stipends from non-ESSER funding sources. It is also important to note that TUSD has 2-3 years to expend ESSER funds, so conversations on the use of available ESSER funds will be ongoing.

The stipends will be broken up into two payments with the first being paid in June. For workers who have been on campus prior to 4th quarter – without vaccines and limited PPE – those workers will get $1,000. For those who transitioned to campus this 4th quarter, you will receive $500. If you are a part of both groups, for example, many ExEd teachers, you will get $1500!

The second stipend will be a $1,200 retention stipend, paid by Fall Break of the 2021/2022 school year. Employees working less than half time will recieve$600. Substitutes and supplemental staff will also receive stipends under this plan.

We also just got word that summer school teachers will get a $10 raise to $35 per hour!

ALL employees will shortly receive a survey about ESSER funding - something TEA has been advocating for - because we are all in this together and deserve a voice in how our district rebuilds from this pandemic!

Reps! Don't forget – ZOOM Site rep meeting next Wednesday at 5:00 PM (We will have results for the Representative Assembly and final counts for the Delegate Assembly.

All members - Please remember this month is the month to sign up for the Health benefits package with the district!

Negotiations will continue for final wage and salary amount – we will continue to press for a better way, better wages, and better work conditions for our membership! We count on you and you can count on us!

In Solidarity,


Margaret Chaney, President