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Update from Margaret Chaney - President

(Nov 2, 2022)

Happy Native American & Alaska Native Heritage Month

First...the GOOD NEWS!

Thursday PD Planning Periods are back! We hope you are ready for changes this month and this one is long overdue! As of this Thursday all day PD, every person who is entitled to a planning period will be able to get a planning period!

Thank you all for bringing the issue to our attention! It was in part thanks to our partnership with the district that we did not even need to grieve the issue!


In order to make change happen, it takes great ORGANIZING! We hope you will join us for the final Jane McElevey training, Thursday, November 3rd at 5PM on Zoom!

November Elections

We are one week away from one of the most controversial and contested midterm elections in our nations history. There are some major shifts in Public Education that are due and we are hoping you will join us one last time THIS Saturday November 5 th at TEA HQ or in Phoenix AEA HQ to make phone calls or canvass neighborhoods one last time! Get Involved!

We are also on the precipice of an officer change within your Union! That’s right, this coming May will

mark the end of our second term and there are many positions available for new faces to step up and take charge!

The positions are as follows:

In order to become a candidate, all you need to do is select one of the links above, read the requirements and due dates, complete the form and get it to the TEA office between now and December 14 th . Voting begins the following day and winners will be announced at the January AR

meeting. Once a pledge to serve form has been submitted and receipt acknowledged, candidates may

begin their campaign after instructions on campaigning at the end of the November AR meeting!


Know Your Rights - Arizona #teachtruth

Here is a resource compiled by the legal team at AEA & NEA that answers some Frequently Asked Questions about what we can and can’t teach given all the recent attacks on educators!

Did you miss our “How to Be An LGBTQIA+ Ally in Education” webinar

on October 24th?

Don’t worry! We recorded it!

Micro-credential Spotlight

A Microcredential for National Board Certification

This stack was developed in partnership with Nevada Education Association and is intended to give educators an understanding of the 5 Core Propositions that were developed by National Board. Educators who would like to learn a little bit more about what National Board is about or start to get ready for applying for a National Board Certification would benefit from these Micro-credentials.

Credentials In This Stack:

        • Know Your Students

        • Knowing Your Content & How to Teach it to Students

        • Managing & Monitoring Student Learning

        • Teachers are Members of Learning Communities

        • Thinking Systematically About Your Practices

Meet the 2 outstanding ESP leaders representing us at the

National Education Association!

Anastasia Jimenez

Grant Program Technician

Phoenix Union Classified

Employees Association

Vanessa Jimenez

Student Recruiting Specialist

President, Phoenix Union Classified

Employees Association

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