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Update from Margaret Chaney - President 

(March 9, 2023)

Dear Members - Happy Women's History Month!

Contracts, job fairs & transfers:  Contracts should be out by March 15th.  Part of the reason behind the delay was to allow members to review their commitments to their communities and look into opportunities at other sites.  At this point, TUSD is not automatically transferring anyone but if you wish to remain with the district but would like a new site, please talk to people at the new site and apply through the HR website.  There will be a job fair March 11th and current employees are allowed to enter at least 1 hour EARLIER than outside applicants with your district ID.  TEA hopes you do remain with the district so please sign your contracts when they arrive and understand that the contract is with the district , NOT the site, which makes it possible to apply to a new site asap.  

Code of Conduct Committee notes:  TEA is committed to the restructuring of the Student Code of Conduct.  So far, we have determined that the code should discipline different age groups with methods that are appropriate and best practice for Elementary, Middle School and High school.  We have also found that there needs to be more intervention at a younger age with the goal to prevent future infractions as much as possible.  Student accountability and appropriate consequences are key at the sites so that students and employees may see the district's commitment and trust that we all have their best interests at heart.

Join AEA at the Capitol:  While TUSD is on Spring Break, AEA and other districts will be at the Capitol to continue to advocate for our students and fellow members!  Since Tucson will be on break, TEA is imploring you to take time to become a part of this opportunity to speak directly with legislators.  Please register now for March 15th or March 22nd!

Your Vote:  Don't forget to vote for the delegates for the State and National Assemblies.  TEA has already sent out ballots, AND you should have received a separate ballot from AEA for statewide delegates.  Please don't forget to vote!

Your Salary & Steps:  Teachers should get retro pay on the March 10th paycheck.  Some of you have received erroneous emails stating that steps are frozen, this is not the case;  TDR-B has already received their steps, TDR-A will ALSO RECEIVE A STEP for this year.  TEA has spoken to HR and they are still trying to catch up with steps since the data breach.  If you believe you are not at the correct step after the March 10th paycheck, please contact HR and Payroll and CC your Regional TEA Director so that we may collect the data and follow up if needed. 

Members, we know these are difficult times and there seems to be a new twist to old issues each time we turn around but please know that TEA is working with you to help resolve these issues.  As we begin our negotiating sessions, we will have in mind salary compression, staff discipline, equity in extra duty pay, sick leave justice, health insurance costs, site safety and more.  Also, know that we cannot do any of this without you, your voice or your action.  Work with us to get the job done!

In Solidarity,

Margaret Chaney
Tucson Education Association President

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