COVID-19 Updates

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Thursday Mar. 4 - TEA/NEA 208 Townhall

With the support of NEA representatives, TEA hosted an open townhall to discuss 208 funding needs and created several calls to action:

  • email the governing board with your concerns at before noon, Tuesday

  • paint your car windows (socially distanced painting party before motorcade march)

  • motorcade march on Wednesday, March 10 at 5pm (flyer on homepage)

  • educate and involve your colleagues at your site

  • ask your ESPs (classified staff) what are their needs and listen, then bring that info to the next meeting

Next meeting: Thursday, March 11, sign up link to be distributed soon

Wednesday, Mar. 3 - Gov. Ducey releases executive order

In an announcement, Governor Ducey stated that all school must open their doors to in-person learning within two weeks or after Spring Break. As a result, TUSD's 4th quarter return changed. Teachers will have March 10-11 to prepare their classrooms before grading day and students will start their new schedule beginning March 22.

Saturday, Feb. 20 - TEA COVID Taskforce Re-Opening Townhall

In response to the district's re-opening sites plan, TEA's COVID Taskforce hosted an open townhall to recieve feedback and determine advocacy needs for the re-opening plan.

Tuesday, Feb. 9 - Dr. Trujillo recommends Q4 re-opening

During the TUSD Board Meeting, Dr. Trujillo announced his intent to provide a 100% in-person or remote learning option for grades K-5 and a hybrid morning in-person and afternoon remote learning option for grades 6-12.

Tuesday, Dec. 8 - Dr. Trujillo recommends TUSD remain online

Dr. Trujillo has announced that TUSD will begin the spring semester fully online.

Friday, Nov. 21 - TEA creates Safety Watch Committees

TEA Representatives are creating Safety Watch Committees at each site to track COVID-related spread and ensure safety protocols are being followed.

  1. Track safety protocol adherence and number of positive cases at the site

  2. Tracking and reporting to TEA any issues or safety concerns not being adequately addressed at your site.

  3. Gather basic information regarding the status ADA accommodations and the safety of other vulnerable adults on campus. including level of support

All this information should be reported to your Regional Area Director.

Friday, Nov. 13 - District Update

Dr. Trujillo has announced that TUSD will remain online for the remainder of the quarter.

Tuesday, July 28 - Board Meeting & Pima County Health

After Gov. Ducey's and Sup. Hoffman's updated information allowing locals to determine when it's safe to return to in-person education and Pima County Health Department announcement on safe return, Dr. Trujillo announced that in-person education will be pushed to a later date, as advised by the Health Department. The August 17th guideline has been removed.

Friday, July 17 - Taskforce Meeting

The Taskforce met to discuss the reaction to the updated plans presented at the Board meeting and created a list of concerns for Margaret to present to the district. Read the feedback here.

Tuesday, July 14 - Trujillo announces updated plans

Dr. Trujillo outlined aspects of the official plans for the 2020-2021 school year, which can be found in this 102 page PDF. The plans include what the brick and mortar instruction will look like.

Thursday, July 2 - TUSD announces opening plans

ParentLink & local news announce the district's plans to begin online instruction August 10th, with a plan to transition to in-person instruction when it becomes available. Read the email here.

Monday, June 29 - Ducey announces state partial closure

Gov. Ducey announces partial closure of the state, including delayed start to brick-and-mortar school. Read more here.

Wednesday, June 24

About half the taskforce was available on short notice to discuss the AZCares Act and make decisions on how to proceed. The group discussed the validity and the employees' ability to enact the plans announced in the previous two board meetings. Read the notes here.

Wednesday, June 24 - Ducey & Hoffman announce AZCares

Gov. Ducey anounces the AZCares emergency order for a one-time emergency education funding. More details can be found on Gov. Ducey's webpage for AZCares.

Tuesday, June 23 - TUSD Board Meeting, plans pt. 2

The board was presented with part 2 of the opening plans. The PDF outlines the following:

  • guiding Principles for decision making

  • objectives

  • current instructional models being discussed

  • planned curriculum scope and sequence for the following departments:

    • ExED (Exeptional Education)

    • Fine Arts

    • Interscholastics

    • Language Acquisition (ELD/ELs)

    • Assessment (benchmark & standardized testing)

    • Counseling

    • CTE (Career and Technical Education)

    • Community schools (Infant & early learning centers, PreK, before & affter school programs)

Thursday, June 18 - 4:00pm

The June 18th meeting was held jointly as a TEA member and TUSD leadership forum, led by Dr. Trujillo and Board President, Kristel Foster. Members of TEA were able to voice their concerns and have their questions answered.

Tuesday, June 16 - TUSD Board Meeting, plans pt. 1

The board is presented with part 1 of the opening plans. The PDF outlines the following areas:

  • CORE team

  • timeline & progress

  • feedback from the community

  • cleaning guidelines

  • K-12 re-entry plan

  • next steps

Friday, June 5 - 4:00 pm

Taskforce leadership updated the full committee on the response to the petition, which collected over 400 signatures from the community in three days. District leaderhsip was surprised to see so many The committee discussed next steps and decided to wait until the district rolls out their 2020-2021 plan at the June 16 board meeting. Several committee members volunteered to outline the taskforce princples in a letter during the call to the audience at the June 9 board meeting.

Monday, June 1 - 10:00 am

Taskforce members joined a Zoom call to discuss the finer points of the principles and complete the final edits of the Taskforce Principles before leadership created the group's petition for district leadership. Read about and sign the petition here.

Thursday, May 28 - 4:00 pm

The third meeting, of 45 employees, was held after the most recent TUSD Board meeting where we learned that there is are plans for August instruction forming at the state, county, and district levels. Dr. Trujillo stated several times that he intends to hold weekly briefings for the unions to be informed of the district's plans. The first half of the session we worked on which of the newest CDC guidelines for reopening schools were achievable and which were non-negotiable. The second half of the meeting centered around the employees giving their input on the three pillars of our campign to ensure safety and equity in August. Read more here.

Tuesday, May 19 - 4:00 pm

After an informative first meeting, the Taskforce organizers recognized two primary concerns: safety and equity. At this point TEA, ELI, and other employee unions had not been invited to participate in any planning for August instruction. Meeting number two, comprised of almost 100 employees across the district, was centered around what these two look like. The second half of the meeting began creating the form of our campaign for safe and equitable schools. More detailed information can be found here.

Tuesday, May 12 - 4:00 pm

After Dr. Trujillo announced the district's intent to return to in-persion instruction in August, over 150 concerned employees of the district came together to discuss their concerns about returning on campus regarding in-person, online, or hybrid instruction. Clink to read more about employee concerns.