For some of the more Common Questions

If I wish to retire, how does the process work?

If you wish to retire, you may submit your paperwork before Nov. 1st (in order to get your sick leave payout).  Submitting your paperwork after may/will result in losing that benefit.  

Once you submit your papework to retire, you may rescind it at any time up--to the point where the Board of Directors meets and okays/accepts your request.  Once the BOD accepts it, your retirement is official and you may not rescind.  The board traditionally meets towards the beginning of every month.

What are the consequences of breaking my contract?

How do I apply for ADA Accommodations?  

You may absolutely apply for ADA accommodations.   Before you apply for ADA Accommodations, please read this FAQ page.

If you wish to persue, here is an outline on the steps you need to take, and the paperwork on the Process: Regarding the Approve/Denial process, TEA has been working with the district on making sure that they take every ADA application seriously.  If you are denied and wish to appeal the decision, reach out to your Site Reps for assistance.

Can I use up all of my Sick and Vacation leave, and then quit?

You may quit, without the liquidated damages penalty, in December.  However, you will need to work up to and including the final date.  (The exact dates are listed on your contract.)  If you take sick leave, you will need to have a doctors note for anything over 2 days.  We recommend, however, that you do not put in your sick-leave until you need it.  

How do I file for Leave of Absence and/or Short Term Disability?

Take a "Leave of Absence" or  file a claim for "Short Term Disability" (req: sign-up during benefits enrollment)

UPDATED:  5/28/2023