Things are constantly changing in this new and weird world. The information on this page will too, to reflect the new information as we get it.

UPDATED: 3/4/2020

2021 FAQ's

The CARES Act has ended and I tested positive for COVID - what now?

Great news! TUSD announced in the February 9th Board meeting that they will be continuing to cover mandatory leave due to COVID. If you test positive, you will still receive 10 days of paid sick leave.

How will teachers be chosen for remote teaching?

The district has created a score sheet for site administration to use when deciding who will be given the remote positions. The purpose of the score sheet is to provide an unbiased decision making process.

If you choose to apply for one of these remote positions, please save a copy of your application for yourself.

I have an ADA Accomodation and would like to continue working from home

Having an ADA Accomodation does not guarantee that you will work from home. Depending on your position, the District has mandated that a core function of your job description is to supervise students, and if you cannot do your core function, (supervise students on campus) then you are not able to do your job.

In the event that there is a potential Vacancy, meaning that there is a "remote position" open, you may apply to that particular opening. Your individual situation will be calculated using a rubric, and you will be given a score. Those with the highest scores are to be given the remote opportunity first.

2020 FAQ's

If I wish to retire, how does the process work?

If you wish to retire, you may submit your paperwork before Nov. 1st (in order to get your sick leave payout). Submitting your paperwork after may/will result in losing that benefit.

Once you submit your papework to retire, you may rescind it at any time up--to the point where the Board of Directors meets and okays/accepts your request. Once the BOD accepts it, your retirement is official and you may not rescind. The board traditionally meets towards the beginning of every month.

I don't want to go back! What can I do?

Govornor Ducey has issued an executive order stating that schools will return to Hybrid or in-person learning by March 15th, 2021. Below are some of the options present before you if you are concerned about returning.

  • Create/Join a "Site Watch" committee to advocate for a SAFE Working environment at your school

  • Join a committee within TEA to help advocate for your beliefs

  • Contact the Board of Directors

  • Contact your Legislators

  • Fill out ADA paperwork

  • Take a "Leave of Absence" or file a claim for "Short Term Disability" (req: sign-up during benefits enrollment)

What are the consequences of breaking my contract?

  1. Liquidated Damages: While TEA is negotiating trying to eradicate the $2,000 liquidated damages clause for breaking contract, as of this writing, it has not been settled--though we are still negotiating. Therefore, until we have an agreement, you are still liable for the liquidated damages for breaking your contract.

  2. You may lose your banked Sick-Leave.

  3. There is a likelihood that the AZ Department of Education can pull your Teaching Certificate. While we do not know if they would, or under what circumstances they might, it is a possibility and within their rights to do so.

Can I use up all of my Sick and Vacation leave, and then quit?

You may quit, without the liquidated damages penalty, between Dec 18th and Jan 4th. However, you will need to work up to and including Dec 18th. If you take sick leave, you will need to have a doctors note for anything over 2 days. We recommend, however, that you do not put in your sick-leave until you need it.

How do I apply for ADA Accommodations? Will it get automatically denied?

You may absolutely apply for ADA accommodations. Before you apply for ADA Accommodations, please read this FAQ page.

If you wish to persue, here is an outline on the steps you need to take, and the paperwork on the Process: ADA COVID TEMPLATE. Regarding the Approve/Denial process, TEA has been working with the district on making sure that they take every ADA application seriously. If you are denied and wish to appeal the decision, reach out to your Site Reps for assistance, and follow the guidelines listed in the ADA COVID TEMPLATE.

How do I file for Leave of Absence and/or Short Term Disability?

Take a "Leave of Absence" or file a claim for "Short Term Disability" (req: sign-up during benefits enrollment)

What about quarantine, CARES Act, and Sick-Leave...

As of this writing, the CARES act is scheduled to expire on Dec. 31, 2020. We cannot control what the feds will do after that. At this time, there is no answer to the questions about quarantining, but TEA is working with the district to push for creating a contingency plan. They do not currently have one, but they need one, and we will continue to advocate for our Educators; If faculty and/or staff are quarantined but not sick, they and their classes should be remote for that time. Sick leave would not be used.

What does SAFE look like?

TEA is in negotiation with the District on what "SAFE" looks like. Our ideas of safe might include N95 masks for all employees on site, Plexiglass/Barriers for Teachers and Students, gloves, masks, and necessary PPE, proper cleaning supplies, and limiting potential exposure.

The District may have different ideas on what "safe" means, which is why one of our Primary goals is to define what Safe means. We will update you as we can.